spencerhastin: At a job fair in Ningbo

At a job fair in Ningbo

9 Bře 2016 o 09:00am

At a job fair in Ningbo, Zhejiang province, Many job seekers are planning to change the job after getting a year-end bonus. The reasons of they quitting the job is unsatisfied for the environment they work in, especially in the after 90s. For example, Ms. Meng who stands in front of a business stall says that the main reason of changing her job is the working environment. ��a small office could fit in 5 people only, but the director is smoking a Newport regular cigarettes, then it is too choke for a person.�� Directors who smoking in the office can cigars-home.com be a reason for people to change the job. people sigh for treatment of random and capricious among after 90 . But these reasons are fabulous in some after 60s, 70s after the office of the older generation. But they are not unreasonable for those reasons. If the working environment is not so ventilated and full with cigarettes online smoke, and you smoke a secondhand smoke everyday, which is harmful to our health, especially in marriage parturient women, has been working in such an environment, maybe even the next generation will suffer along with it. While health is given more money and can��t change, so quit the job, apparently excusable. Health is very important for our body even with lots of money cannot buy.
So it is easy for us to understand why newport cigarettes people change their job so randomly.
Rather than after 90s don��t cherish their job that resign frequently like after 70s, but they pay more attention to safeguard their legitimate rights and interests, not in order to keep the job submit to humiliation. Moreover, a lot of people before the work, this is not a high paying job, and it will not be too difficult for them to find a similar job . Really generous treatment of the work, enterprises are also not in the working conditions and environment stingy, and poor working environment of enterprises usually to pay employees not competitive, natural nanzu employee turnover. After 90s career growth in the era of material prosperity, a lot of people��s family conditions are good, compared to the salary, they may pay more attention to the comfort of working environment which are not full with Newport regular smoke. So the requirements of the office environment is relatively high. This is also a useful reminder of the enterprise, to attract talent, in addition to providing decent salary, but they also have a commensurate with the work environment. Good working environment, work enthusiasm will be marlboro cigarettes more adequate, in order to create more benefits for enterprises.
In recent years, all over the control of smoking regulations are prohibited smoking in indoor public places, smoking in the office, the spread of second-hand smoke


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