cheapusacigs: newport cigarettes life seems to prematurely

newport cigarettes life seems to prematurely

7 Bře 2016 o 01:39am
Marlboro and Life
Never going to give up smoking, for a lonely man, no other things closer to his heart than cigarettes. Not a young man to be cool, and do not addicted to nicotine seem unable to extricate themselves. Just my heart needs comfort, and reality in addition to Marlboro cigarettes can��t seem to find something that can replace, the distance of the heart and lungs so close to.
Forgot to smoke Marlboro cigarettes half the original purpose, just think the cigarettes and nowadays life is. Sank in the average day by day, from the first around the corner, unwilling to remain out of the limelight to the now calm such as water, calm and quiet, newport cigarettes life seems to prematurely entered the a state of rest, sunny or cloudy leisure. Half a cigarette, a cup of green tea, a few this book, let cigarettes, tea, text bathe in mind, soothe the soul, let impetuous heart gradually quiet down, in the ethereal and sages "YTDFSGFGCUEYAB" dialogue, listening to history, inquiries into the nature, why not to pursuit another kind of happiness.
What was once the envy of others, in this world, sheltered, sensual pleasures, the full enjoyment of the wealth to bring their glory and satisfaction, and between gestures is as strong social wanton and pride, in contrast, marlboro cigarettes often for the lives of the poor feel anger melancholy and unwilling, along with the growth of experience, the inner cultivation, gradually began to habits, numb to the last laugh. See, all mortal beings is like the leaves of the tree, similar but never the same, every person are an independent individual, has a radically different from others or to reproduce life and, of course, happiness or pain in life, and the rich or poor. Half a Marlboro cigarette pinched off , it is also desire Masamori,
A precipice, Epictetus, pinch off in addition to cigarettes is the endless desire, let your heart in a little unwilling to change with filling and powerful, understand the pros and cons of transformation, know how to balance of yin and cigarettes online Yang. Finally at this time know the true taste, quiet life let yourself become hard and leathery, flat and cleaning up to life those impetuous and messy, with cigarettes and tea,


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